so I find out now that there’s an hashtag called #jlawhate.

whoever made this is a genius and has my greatest love and respect, you made my day.

Marion Cotillard & Kate Hudson - BTS Vogue

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   I do.

   Marion Cotillard is a brilliant actress, capable of a somewhat broad range although her acting in the drama genre (such as in De rouille et d’os or The Immigrant) is something to truly be admired.

   Though a two hour-long movie certainly can’t do Edith all of the justice she deserves, there are moments in La môme where Cotillard truly brings Edith’s pain and struggles to the screen in a way that makes you physically feel her heartache (such as, when she discovers Marcel Cerdan’s death).

   Though I give a significant amount of credit to the director Olivier Dahan as well, Cotillard’s performance is something nearly impossible to replicate. I can’t picture any other actress doing Edith Piaf as much justice.

   Biopics always go one way or the other, it seems; they either do a great job replicating the life of whomever they’re portraying, or they do a terrible disservice to them. Fortunately, I believe La môme is the former. You can really see just how much dedication Marion took to stepping into Edith’s shoes, portraying her from seventeen year-old mother singing on the streets to a woman who both looked and felt elderly, battling disease in her final moments. In fact, she carried so much of Edith in her heart she stated it took her a long time to finally let her go and become her own self again.

   TLDR; Marion did a wonderful job, and I don’t think anyone else could have done it better. She definitely deserved the Oscar.

couldn’t agree more.

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« In a hotel suite in Paris, Marion Cotillard is behaving like a monster. We are about to start our interview when her three-year-old sprints in with his nanny, and before I have a chance to ask my first question, Cotillard has leapt on all fours and is skidding across the carpet letting out strangled roars. There’s a chase in which she plays Godzilla (upright, with claws), and Marcel, her son with French actor and director Guillaume Canet, squeals with delight. Finally she resumes her position on the sofa with Marcel still chuckling impishly under one arm. “He’ll get bored soon,” she reassures me. »

- Interview for The Guardian august 3, 2014.

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Marion Cotillard @ Jumping de Chantilly - 27/07/14

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Her (2013)

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